Thursday, January 19, 2017

What to bring on your ride...

Riding a bicycle with out question can be one of the most invigorating feelings. As many of you may agree there is certainly no end to the list of places that one can go on a bicycle. That said like any trip that you are about to take or journey you are going to embark on, you need to carry some "necessaries". Getting stuck, breaking down or having a dreaded "mechanical" is going to happen, however making sure that you are prepared is key. Please continue to read as we will dig a little deeper into the suggested items to have with on your next ride / adventure.

The Basics:
Having something to carry your "necessaries" is the first key to success. If you think that your going to remember to put them in your jersey pocket or jacket every time you head out the door think again. I can tell you more times than often... this exact situation has lead to good old hike a bike home, or....the embarrassing phone call to your spouse / significant other. Look it's simple we ride bikes for fun and recreation NO professionally. Well maybe some of you reading this do...but even then you probably adhere to the basic context of this article. That said here are some suggested ways to bring items on your ride:

  • On the bike type carriers:
    • Behind the seat bag
    • Handle bar mount
    • Internal frame mount
    • Rear rack 
    • Front rack
  • Rider carries:
    • Hydration Pack / back pack type
    • Waist Pack
    • Jersey/jacket pockets....
Bring these:

The above listed will make bringing the later suggested items on your ride a thousand times easier. When we say "basics" we mean items such as, repair tools, energy food items, extra clothing, etc. Now of course depending on the nature of your ride, trip, or would need to pack accordingly. So please keep that into consideration when we say this is a partial list.

  • Multi tool (For making any adjustments /repairs)
  • Extra Tube make sure its for the correct size tire (Hey better to have then have not)
  • Patch kit (Yes they still make them)
  • Extra Tire Sealant (Those running "tubeless" set ups)
  • Energy Food (Energy bar / Gel or good old pb&j)
  • Pump / Frame type or CO2 type inflator
  • Rag 
  • Other Optional Suggestions
    • Extra Chain Master links 
    • Suspension Shock pump
    • Digital Tire Pressure gauge
    • Torque wrench
    • Decent quality chain tool
    • Zip ties
    • Extra clip-in cleat parts
    • Small Zip lock bags
    • First Aid-Kit
    • Co2's  cartridges (For inflator)
    • Small tube of chain lube
    • Beverage opener (:0)
    • Water proof pack covers
    • Good old plastic grocery / garbage bags work in a pinch
    • Spare parts (Trip / ride dependent)
    • Fold able style tires (Trip / ride dependent)
    • Spokes 
Now bear in mind no matter where you put these items etc it is going to be added weight. When we say added weight not a ton but the bottom line is if and when something does happen you are prepared and can ride back home or keep going etc. Of course like anything we do in life comes the actual experience of riding. As you get what you take on your rides more dialed in you should ultimately become what we call "McGuyver". Not sure many of you reading this may get that but it was a cheesy 80's TV show that become cult... (Google it) 

We hope these tips and suggestions help, in the mean time, happy trails & don't forget to take time to stop and enjoy the ride !!! Any other question, comment's, ideas or suggest please feel free to drop us a line info@growlerbikes we would love to hear from you !!!

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